Course content

    1. Welcome to the BoostMyLife Online Program

    2. Welcome and useful information

    1. Mindset and mental approach

    2. Mindset and mental approach

    3. Actions

    4. Week 1 – Quote of the week

    5. Week 1 – How are you getting on?

    6. Week 1 – Did you know?

    7. Week 1 of your BoostMyLife Online Program nearly complete

    1. How to lose weight

    2. How to lose weight

    3. Actions

    4. Week 2 starts today – How to lose weight

    5. Week 2 – Quote of the week

    6. Week 2 – Are you on track this week?

    7. Week 2 – Did you know?

    8. Completing Week 2 of your BoostMyLife Online Program

    1. Exercise v's diet

    2. Exercise

    3. Exercise

    4. Actions

    5. Training diary

    6. Food diary

    7. Week 3 – Develop your Exercise Plan

    8. Week 3 – Quote of the week

    9. Week 3 exercise tips and motivation

    10. Week 3 – Did you know?

    11. Have a great finish to Week 3 of your BoostMyLife Online Program

    1. Going on a diet v's developing a healthy diet

    2. Diet

    3. Diet

    4. Actions

    5. Detailed food diary

    6. Week 4 – An important week for your diet

    7. Week 4 – Quote of the week

    8. Week 4 diet advice and motivation

    9. Week 4 – Did you know?

    10. Positive finish to Week 4 of your BoostMyLife Online Program

    1. Bringing it all together

    2. Actions

    3. Static stretches

    4. Week 5 and bringing it all together

    5. Week 5 – Quote of the week

    6. Week 5 extra helpful advice and motivation

    7. Week 5 – Did you know?

    8. Getting up to date with Week 5 of your BoostMyLife Online Program

About this course

  • $297.00
  • 55 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content
  • Tips emails
  • Facebook Group access
  • Live Q&A's

What else you get with your BoostMyLife Online Program

  • You get full access to your BoostMyLife Online Program for 1 year – This means that even after the 6 weeks you can come back to your course and get help whenever you like.

  • You get personal help from me (James Porter) whenever you need it – With 25 years experience and helping many thousands of people to lose weight and improve their life, I will help you get much better results!

  • You also have my 100% Money Back Guarantee – If you are not delighted with my BoostMyLife Online Program for ANY reason, please let me know any time within 60 days and I will refund every penny.

What people achieve with James' help

“I've lost 42 pounds and changed shape completely. I have a lot more energy, motivation and I feel much more positive about myself and life. I only wish I'd started sooner.”

Jo Evans

“I've lost 20 pounds. I am feeling more confident in my body and how I look. I feel generally happier. I can get nice clothes, and I look good and feel good. Don't waste time, just do it!”

Kat Fisher

“The results are fantastic. I feel fitter than in my 30s and people have commented that I look much leaner. James is really supportive and if you have any questions or worries he is very approachable.”

Steve Sefton

“I have lost a total of 63 pounds. I no longer need medication for my blood pressure as it's returned to normal! My life is now much different. I feel so much better. Just give it a go.”

Claire Turner

“It makes me feel good to know that I'm doing something very positive. I certainly feel that mentally this is keeping me balanced and physically I feel really fit.”

Amira Procter

“My life changed from being stale, no motivation... to feeling healthy. I have lost weight, and feel both mentally and physically better. James, is a very patient, encouraging, and motivated person. I would recommend James to everyone.”

Pam Gill

BoostMyLife Online Program

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